Immigration Attorney Fees

The Green Chavez Law Firm charges a Flat Fee for most of our legal services.  This allows our clients to know how much they are going to spend up front.  The prices below show our Attorney Fees plus any Fees charged by the Government (USCIS).

* Please note that USCIS and other Government Fees are subject to change.

* Fees for copies, shipping and other ordinary expenses are not included below. 

* Every case is unique and every client will be told how much they will be charged before accepting the case.

As Always, Initial Consultations are FREE.

DACA Renewal Fees

DACA Renewal

Renew your DACA status now, as the DACA program is likely to be eliminated.  Unfortunately, the Trump Administration is refusing to accept new applications, however, you can renew now, even if your DACA status has not expired.  Also, if you previously received DACA and your most recent period of DACA expired one year ago or less, you may still file your DACA request as a renewal request.  NOTE!!!  USCIS Fees are scheduled to increase soon!

Attorney fees for renewal: $395

USCIS filing fees*: $495

Total: $890

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